​​Midas.Investments releases the unique WIKI for the platform usage

Midas was growing really too fast during the last year, constantly launching new features. We were so busy releasing features that we kinda postponed the proper explanation of it to new users.

That is why we decided to dedicate our time to create the in-depth Wiki about Midas.Investments! 

Specially for the Wiki we created a design guideline that helps you to dive into material. Wiki answers such questions as:

  • What security precautions does Midas have?
  • Who is Midas team?
  • How MNI works?

And much more. 

Make sure to check it out and if anyone will ask you about Midas you can now send a link, so your friend would get into this trip.

Potentially Wiki should highly increase convertion rate for the new deposits and feature usage, which makes Midas stronger with each investor.

🔗 Go and check it out, guys!

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