10 thousand dollars Stable YAP airdrop for Midas users and YouTube livestream on Wednesday

Eighteen hours after the launch of Stable YAP, we received deposits worth thousands dollars. These early result prove that our vision for next generation of passive income comes inline with how our investors treat their portfolio.

I honestly think that Stable YAP is one of the best thing that Midas created and we will push this limits further.

As a sign of appreciation for Midas investors today we will airdrop $10,000 worth of Stable YAP to our community. This will be the largest ever airdrop on Midas allowing our community to experience Stable YAP before depositing.

Who qualifies for the SYAP airdrop

💲 Investors with a total balance held on Midas exceeding $3000 will receives $5 worth of Stable YAP!

💲💲 Any investor with a balance exceeding $20000 will receive a $25 Stable YAP airdrop!

Join us for our live stream

Additionally, I will be hosting a live stream next Wednesday, 9th of December, at 6 PM UTC. On the stream I will be explaining the future of Midas around Yield Automated Portfolios, what principles lie behind this strategy and how this product and its variations can help you build your passive income like never before.

Make sure to hop on the live stream. There will be a lot of deep insights and giveaways.

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