There are too many things that are going on within Midas ecosystem. Something is visible to you, but most is not. I try to unveil some of the curtains in our regular reports in Discord, but this does not reflect all the activity we are working on. In this article, I will mention some of them, because we value that you chose us and you need to know in what way we are heading.

My main task as a CEO is to form the new vision. The success of Midas is in our innovative approach. Every other shared service is copying our features after we release them. InstantShares, Reinvestment, Inner exchange, and so on.

The mistake was the narrowing of Midas thought process to the masternode market. Last couple of months we spent on rethinking the business in search of the most efficient way for growth. And, finally, I can say that we got everything together and formalized the new concepts of Midas platform.

The core issue that prevented our growth is that Midas platform does not succeed in making our investors rich. And when our investors lose money on scam masternode projects, we are losing our audience. That is why we have supressed the listing of new coins to the platform.

The first fundamental change for Midas is to become as investor-oriented as possible. And the question is: How Midas.Investments can help you obtain financial freedom?

I believe in the dream of passive income. Cryptosphere is far from maturing, but it has a vast variety of instruments that produce profits. We analysed many of them, if not all and asked: «How can we combine and improve those instruments to create a solutions for stable BTC income for our investors?»

And now we are moving in multiple directions, arranging partnerships, extending Midas ecosystem, creating marketing strategies and implementing viral techniques.

In the end Midas.Investments will combine everything we did in our long year-and-half journey, all features we created, the new exchange, the fresh vision and summarize it with every new possibility there is on the market.

Together we will create the new way of investing. Borderless, diversified, innovative. I invite you to join Midas.Investments on this path. And I am excited to see what future awaits us.

Iakov «Trevor» Levin
CEO of Midas.Investments

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