Instant Buy: Revolutionizing The Masternode Market

The Rise and Fall of the Masternode Market

After the Crypto market found its peak in December of 2017, the market as a whole entered an extended downtrend. This downtrend led to a decline in investor interest in the market, as well as the loss of funds. Many people no longer believed in the “HODL” model which had proven successful up until that point. While this was true for the majority of Altcoins, the sub-market of Masternode coins proved otherwise, and had their own mini-bull season in the midst of the downtrend. These coins rewarded investors for buying and holding a certain collateral, and had big promise to bring this new model to the forefront of the industry.

But as the market has turned bullish again, the Masternode market has suffered significantly, with many claiming that the model is dead. This notion was not helped by the serial scammers that employed ponzi-type techniques to swindle investors out of their money.

Midas’ Constant Innovation

In 2018, Midas set forth on the challenging goal to become the “King of the Masternodes.” In the midst of a declining Masternode market, achieving this goal demanded innovation. Midas first introduced Instant Nodes, which allowed investors to deposit any amount of collateral and still receive node rewards. It revolutionized the market with this innovation, and it is doing it again.

In 2019, Midas announced the implementation of its “Instant Buy” feature into their platform. Instant Buy allows investors to purchase coin collateral OTC at a specified price, receive BTC back via negative trading fees, and instantly begin receiving node rewards for their purchase. This makes the Midas platform the most innovative in the market, and the most powerful investment platform available. Not only is it convenient for investors, but it also provides a fantastic revenue model for projects who supply coins to the platform. The implementation of this tool could be the saving grace that the Masternode industry needs to survive.

Think about the problems that you face while navigating the Altcoin market. Multiple exchanges, wallets, hosting platforms — there is a lot to keep track of. Not to mention, it takes a lot of time and money. Every transfer costs a fee, and takes sometimes hours for confirmations to go through, or for your account to be credited coins. This is what makes the Midas platform so great — it is all in one. Now you can buy and host your nodes all in one platform — and get rewarded in the process.

Instant Buy’s Instant Success

The graph above shows the weekly volume of Instant Buy from July 5 to August 26. Midas publishes these numbers every Monday, and is very transparent with the movement of funds. As you can clearly see, the volume is in an uptrend, as users have begun to see the usefulness of this feature. As more projects enlist in Instant Buy, the volume is expected to continue growing.

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