DeFi News Digest: 14 – 20 March

The Midas team has prepared a summary of the DeFi market, events, and important news that happened last week. 

More smart DeFi ideas and memes (of course) – Discord and Telegram channel. Stay tuned!

DeFi Overview 🤟

The decentralized finance market starts recovering last week as the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi projects increased from $194.64 billion to $215.67 billion.

Dune Analytics data shows that the number of decentralized finance (DeFi) users continues rapidly growing and hit a new all-time high of 4,616,827. 

DeFi Market Cap: $125,007,110,679

DeFi Pulse Index: $176.86

The DeFi Pulse Index is a capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market. Underlying tokens: UniSwap, Loopring, Aave, Maker, Yearn, Compound, Sushi, Synthetix, REN, Rari Capital, Balancer, Badger, KNC, Farm, Instadapp, Vesper and meta.


L2 Solution overview 👌

The Total Value Locked in Ethereum Layer2 systems: $6.23  billion

DeFi News 👾

  • Ethereum Kiln testnet has successfully completed the Merge

  • SushiSwap launched long-awaited Trident DEX on Polygon

  • IoTeX announced $100M fund to support the growth of DeFi

  • Aave lauched v3 protocol across six different blockchains

  • ConsenSys raised $450M Series D Funding

  • Avalanche to invest $290M in ‘Subnets’ for DeFi, GameFi and NFTs.

Videos 🖥

  • Will Defi Change the World?

In this Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Q&A, Andreas gives his answer and explains how a cryptocurrency will change the world.

  • Ethereum Merge: One Step Closer (Kiln Testnet Success)

The Kiln testnet is the first public testnet for the Ethereum merge. The Ethereum merge takes the Execution layer from the existing Proof of Work layer and merges it with the Consensus Layer from the Beacon chain. This merge signals the culmination of six years of research and development in Ethereum and will result in a more secure network, predictable block times, and a 99.98%+ reduction in power use when it is released on mainnet later in 2022.

Earning 💵

Top stablecoin pools from Defiyield

Starlay with 156.85% Annual Yield

Animal Farm with 78.90% Annual Yield

DarkCrypto with 54.01% Annual Yield


Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. Please do not follow any opinion as a specific strategy.

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