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Continuing our series introducing the new coins included in the MN YAP fund, today we will look at DIVI coin! The MN YAP share is the latest evolution of the MNI (Masternode Index) share, which only included 5 coins. This latest iteration of the Masternode Yield Automated Portfolio (MN YAP) adds three more quality projects to the list, making the total list: ZEN, XZC, NRG, PHR, MIDAS, BTC, ESBC, and DIVI. Let’s take a look at Divi and what makes it so special. 

Introduction to DIVI

The Divi project was created with the goal in mind to make cryptocurrency extremely easy to use, resulting in mass adoption by people and businesses. The whitepaper says, “Cryptos have the power to revolutionize the way we use money, and within several years will be part of the daily life of billions of ordinary people for day-to-day transactions.” With current blockchain solutions being slow and expensive, DIVI is revolutionizing this technology to pave the way for adoption. They accomplish this by implementing a state of the art tiered masternode system, powered by lightning fast proof of stake technology. 

Smart Wallet

One of the ways Divi seeks to make cryptocurrency accessible is by socializing and humanizing crypto interfaces – namely, the wallet. The Divi Smart Wallet is a user-friendly wallet specifically designed to remove what they call “pain points” from peoples’ experience using crypto. Several members of the Divi team have deep knowledge of UX principles and have ingrained them into the wallet design. 

The Smart Wallet includes many features to help its users manage their money, protecting transactions with pin codes, money saving mechanisms, and tax tracking capabilities. It also allows you to lock funds in a vault, stored on a blockchain until a pre-determined date – more secure than a traditional banking system. This wallet offers an easy to use solution for the world’s two billion people who do not use the banking system. 

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Atomic Swaps

Another key feature of the Divi project is simplifying exchange transactions for crypto users. Users will be able to use atomic swaps to instantly flip between crypto assets, receive news updates and more – all from an app. 


Divi’s governance system is more advanced than most, building what they call “the most innovative governance system in the cryptocurrency world.” Coin holders are able to vote to modify the blockchain itself, subjecting key metrics such as inflation rate, fees, and features to change. They will also be able to elect Divi leadership, in addition to the usual funding of projects. 


Block Time: 1 min

Block reward: 1250 per block, declining 100 per year from 2021 until 2029

Masternode Collateral: Tiered

Reward Allocation: 

  • Masternodes 45%
  • Stakers 38%
  • Treasury for Dev and Marketing 9%
  • Treasury for Exchanges, Liquidity, Platform Support 7%
  • Charity 1%


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