Midas Affiliate Program Launch

Midas Affiliate Program Launch

Midas team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Affiliate Program. We value your impact and support on the development of Midas platform and decide to create the following program to benefit our community. Current conditions allow partners to get 20% from their referral’s earnings. 

Partners are getting rewards only within the period when their referral is earning profit. If a user conducts withdrawal, partners will no longer get rewards. Check the information below to understand the calculations in detail. 

For example, a user deposits $100,000 on Midas platform in Bitcoin (BTC) share with 16% APY and holds this share for 12 months. In following conditions, a partner who has attracted this user will get $3,200 during 12 months. $16,000 is the user’s profit and the partner is getting 20% from this amount = $3,200. Feel free to ask further questions about affiliate program conditions in Midas communities. 

Steps to participate in Affiliate Program

1) Interested candidates need to fill the registration form. You need to fill the form with the same email which is already registered on the Midas platform to get rewards from their referrals further;

2) After filling in all the details and submitting the form, they will get a unique referral link on their email;

3) After that people partners are able to check statistics of registrations and deposits of their referrals through a special statistics page.

4) Partners will get rewards from their referrals every Monday. 

Closing Line

This affiliate program is launched in an MVP version to understand and evaluate the necessity of its full release. Current launch will help Midas know whether interested candidates are ready to join the program and are excited to share the information about our platform. 

If the affiliate program runs successfully, Midas team will work further to make it more beneficial to its partners. Midas will help the interested candidates work on their personal accounts, special landing page, and other useful resources to take part in the affiliate program. 


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