First Masternode Index (MNI) payout

Yesterday, the first payout was made to investors of the Masternode Index. This payout arrives directly to your BTC balance, which is available on Midas exchange and InstantBuy. Payouts will be made weekly every Monday and will include BTC generated by the Masternode Index from the previous 7 days.

Also every Monday, we will update the value of your Masternode Index. After you deposit BTC to MNI, this BTC is used to purchase coins in the index. Therefore, the value of a portfolio will fluctuate with the changing value of these coins.

Within the next seven days, we will launch a Google Sheet based portfolio tracker, which can be used by investors to track all live details regarding their portfolio. This will be used until a platform UI redesign to include live index tracking.


The fees charged on payouts are:

  • With MIDAS Lock-in: 0%
  • Without MIDAS Lock-in: 5%

Example: On a 0.00050000 BTC payout, you will be charged 0.00002500 BTC without Lock-in, or 0 BTC with Lock-in.

This fee will deducted from your payout before this is processed to your BTC balance. It will not be charged daily on your MNI share.

NOTE: We are aware that some investors had a daily fee taken from their MNI share. This was a system error and this has been reversed for all investors affected.

Portfolio rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing will happen at the end of each month, starting 30th May.

The fees charged to manage the portfolio are:

  • With MIDAS Lock-in: 0%
  • Without MIDAS Lock-in: 1%

Example: On a 0.1 BTC portfolio value, you will be charged 0.00010000 BTC without Lock-in and your balance will become 0.09990000 BTC after the rebalance. With Lock-in, you will not be charged to rebalance.

This fee will be deducted from your portfolio value automatically at the end of each month after your portfolio has been rebalanced.

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