FLINE v2.0: new investment platform now available for everyone + more news

Fline is project that develops trading instruments and algorithms. It is a part of Midas ecosystem, which allows to reach much further than masternode and altcoin market. And now we have a lot of news to share.

1. The new Fline investment interface with new features

It is located at https://midas.investments/fline

We have added all the information you need to track your balance, simplified the investment process and added transparency regarding backtest and bot API. We will be improving this platform over time and include more instruments to it, like other bots for altcoins and even stocks.

2. Full access to the bot to everyone, hold Fline to reduce bot fees.

No need to hold Fline masternode. You just deposit BTC to the bot and join the next trade. Fline is now used as a fee reducer. 2500 Fline on your share decreases fee on 20%.

3. Fees are taken only from all-time-high profit

This is called a High-water mark. You do not pay fees, if your balance is lower than it was at its maximum. So, if you invested 1 BTC, then your balance have grown to 1.2 BTC, Fline will take fees only if your balance goes higher than 1.2 BTC.

4. Perfected BTC/USD trend bot

Midas and Fline teams worked hard to deliver the upgraded version of the trading bot. Through a lot of testing we decided to concentrate on trending algorithm. It trades with x1 leverage to keep things safe and follows the big trends on BTC.

Right now the bot is in long position from 5310 with over 20% of profit. You can check its backtest at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v1M_R68wxiJ84fes4zkSTxMnnfUg-7aG/view?usp=sharing And validate it’s trades clicking «Check the transparency» button.

5. Expanded ecosystem of investment instruments around Fline

Fline team finished the development of BNB/BTC trading algorithm, which is the first of altcoins that we are exploring. We plan to add it with the installation to your Binance account via safe API.

Fline team is also exploring stock market to reach bigger markets. The first version of trading algorithm for Tesla stock is finished too.

Fline coin will be used either as a payment for those bots or will be bought back on profits that we make from this ecosystem.

6. Merging Midas and Fline discords to concentrate our efforts

Fline discord is not very active, since Midas does not have resources to manage two communities and Fline team is hardly concentrated on the instruments.

That is why during the next week we will move the community of Fline to Midas discord. It allows us to have higher marketing impact.

So, make sure to check out the new Fline at https://midas.investments/fline and be ready for more news soon!

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