Hold 0.03 BTC in any YAP to receive a share from the daily $1 000 Midas coin airdrop

To continue the celebration of Stable YAP and MN YAP release Midas supports investors, who joined this new passive income trend!

Starting from today and until 20th of December Midas will airdrop 250 Midas daily for each YAP (500 combined). The airdrop equally splits for each investor who has at least 0.03 BTC.

According to the current data, MN YAP investors will receive up to 5 Midas coins each day and Stable YAP investors will receive up to 12 Midas coins daily!

Combined it may produce you additional 200 bucks until 20th of December not counting the returns from YAP itself!

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Why Midas does this airdrops?

We believe that YAPs is the new approach for passive income. In the future it can become the mainstream of creating financial streams in crypto. You can learn more about our vision in the recent livestream, where I am explaining the thinking process behind YAPs.

The hardest part in promoting this new concept is building community of early adopters. Midas has one of the best communities in crypto and using the airdrops we want to establish the initial core of investors in our new products. It will be unwise to not use this opportunities.

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