How To Earn Interest On Crypto in 2021: Top 3 Platforms and Guide 

Guide how to earn crypto interest.
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Table of Contents

There’s a way to make money with your cryptocurrency while waiting for it to go up in value — the Midas.Investments team has created an ecosystem of products to help you make money through interest payments on cryptocurrency investments. 

It’s important to understand the market in order to make informed investment decisions, like earning interest off your crypto. This guide will help you become informed and prepare you to earn a passive income with your crypto investments.

1. What are the Interest rates in Crypto?

On the Midas.Investments platform, the interest rate paid out depends on the type of cryptocurrency you have chosen to invest in. Dash and Birake provide a 5% APR at the low end, while on the high end, Trittum provides a 170% APR. 

As for the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin offers up to 17% APY, and Ethereum offers up to 23% APY. 

Once you’ve registered for a Midas.Investments account, the type of coin you invest in is up to you. When taking a long-term investment approach to cryptocurrency, you’re creating passive income in the short term while waiting for your crypto to appreciate over the long term. Placing your crypto in an investment platform like Midas allows you to earn interest easily and securely with a return far greater than a traditional cash savings account.  

You can think of the Midas platform as a savings account for your digital money. 

Top 3 Savings Accounts to Earn Crypto Interest


midas platform view

The Midas platform provides 45 different cryptocurrencies for you to invest in. The currencies are all displayed in a chart on the Midas.Investments website. The most popular currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium are represented, as are a variety of lesser-known currencies. Midas also has its own cryptocurrency you can invest in on the platform. 

The interest return rates vary depending on the currency you’re investing in. Rates range from 5% for the lowest-performing to 17-22% for the popular coins.

Midas.Investments began in December of 2017, and after three years of operations has 15,000 investors who have collectively deposited more than $21 million.


blockfi view

Blockfi has been described as the easiest method of earning interest on your Bitcoin. It is a financial company specializing in digital assets – AKA cryptocurrency – and provides services to both businesses and individuals. 

After registering for an account, a user stores their cryptocurrency on the platform, where it earns interest of up to 8.6%. Blockfi pays interest monthly. The platform does not have a deposit limit for minimum or maximum amounts, making it a good place for both beginners and experienced investors.

cryptocom view offers a cryptocurrency interest account, but it’s more than just a place to invest – the network’s founder has stated that its purpose is to grow the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies by making cryptocurrency easy for people to access. So far, the platform has attracted more than one million users. 

Unlike some of the other savings platforms, is available only as a mobile app. The website exists as an information and marketing vehicle. 

The platform supports more than 90 cryptocurrencies that can be used to earn interest or be bought and sold by users. Like Midas.Investments, has its own tradeable currency, called the CRO.

2. How to Start Earning Interest in Crypto

Earning interest on your cryptocurrency through Midas.Investments is easy. It only takes a few steps to get started.

Step 1. How to open a crypto interest account?

To open a crypto interest account on Midas.Investments, sign up for an account using either Gmail or Discord. The service is not available to United States citizens.

How to open a crypto interest account

Step 2. Have a look at the projects and compare the interest rates

coins on Midas platform

Click the “Platform” menu button at the top of the screen. This will take you to a chart showing all the cryptocurrencies that Midas works with. You will see a column for interest rate, as well as a column showing the fee, or tariff, charged, which is a percentage of your spend, rather than a fixed amount. You will also notice that you have the option to either buy a cryptocurrency or invest in it.

The difference is that investing will provide you a return based on the interest rate, whereas buying it places the currency in your account for you to either withdraw or use for investing in other currencies.

Step 3. Add your Crypto to the platform

coinbase view

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like to invest in, you’re ready to get started. But first, you’ll need some Bitcoin. If you already have some, that’s great. If not, here’s a primer on how to buy bitcoin. The short version is that you’ll need to use an exchange, such as Coinbase or Kraken. For first-time users, there is a registration process that requires several steps. You’ll also be required to provide proof of your identity as a security measure. Then transfer BTC to your account on Midas.

transfer BTC to account on Midas

Step 4. Start earning interest

Start earning interest

Now that you have your Bitcoin head back to the “Platform” section of  Midas.Investments. Find the coin you were interested in earning an interest payment from (or investing in, if you prefer that term) and click the “invest” button. A window will pop up with a string of characters for you to copy. This is a digital address that you’ll be sending your Bitcoin to. Once you’ve completed the transaction, you’re all set – you’ve invested and will start earning interest.

Step 5. What is next?

earn interest on crypto Trump meme

Earning interest on a single cryptocurrency is just the beginning. There are several options for what you can do next. You could invest in other coins to earn more passive income. This diversification means you’re not tied to a single currency. 

Pros and Cons of Earning Interest on Cryptocurrency


  • Higher rate of return when compared to traditional money savings accounts
  • Earn money on your cryptocurrency while you hold it
  • You can earn money with cryptocurrency without having to know a lot about trading.


  • Centralization. To earn interest requires placing your coins in a central “holding tank” of sorts, which is similar to the traditional way of investing. The entire point of cryptocurrency, however, is to create a decentralized system. In a sense, using a central organization to earn interest on your coins goes against the spirit of the crypto movement.
  • Fees. Many of the transactions on apps or websites that offer investment-style interest payments require paying a fee. 
  • Varying rates of return. The amount you have invested can affect your rate of return.


Cryptocurrency savings accounts, such as the type offered by Midas.Investments, provide an opportunity to earn interest rates far above the current offer for traditional cash savings accounts. In Germany, the interest rate for a savings account is .01 to .02% per year. Compare that to the 6% and up you can earn from crypto savings accounts.  It should be noted, however, that cryptocurrency and cash are not the same. Even in one of these accounts, crypto is still volatile and subject to wild fluctuations in value. This isn’t necessarily bad, especially when buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to hold over the long term.  Like all cryptocurrency investments, be sure to do your research before investing.
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