How to protect yourself from scam projects and find low marketcap gems! Stream recording + BONUS

The stream is over. Thank you everyone who joined me today. If you missed this awesome stream, you can watch the recording of it by the link below:

During the stream we talked about:

  • The MN Index launch and what makes it special
  • What were the most painful scams for viewers
  • How to analyse masternode coins
  • The opening of Midas academy, which will be publicly announced tomorrow
  • BONUS: the created tool for analysing masternode coins. A google sheet that gives you a lot of insight on your coins.

This sheet was exclusively given to all the viewers. You can still find the link to this sheet in the stream. It will be available for the next 24 hours for you to copy. So make sure to watch today’s livestream! 😀

Thank you!

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