Increase your APY with MIDAS Boost

Today we introduce MIDAS Boost, the new feature to maximize passive income from your crypto assets held on Midas platform.

Through share cards, Midas users now have the opportunity to boost native APR by receiving payouts directly in MIDAS token. Initially, this is launched as 0.25*APR, however it can be increased or decreased later to match demand, markets and positioning of the feature to optimize the results and appeal to users.

Users choosing to utilize the MIDAS Boost feature will receive the full value of their payout directly to their MIDAS token share at the same time as they had been previously receiving their native payout. Payouts are converted into tokens at the MIDAS exchange rate at the time of payment. Users can enable/disable the Boost feature anytime, as the counter is updated only after the payout is made.

As an example, investors now have the ability to generate an APY of:

  1.  8.3% on ETH with payouts in ETH, or 
  2.  10.4% with payouts in MIDAS token. 

The exact boost is shown on each asset share card to give users a full understanding and control of assets. Go to and check it out.

Where does the MIDAS paid out come from?

Behind the scenes, Midas exchanges payouts in kind to MIDAS tokens through liquidity pools resulting in the organic growth of MIDAS liquidity pools and increased demand and utility of the MIDAS token.

It is projected that 94% of MIDAS paid out to users will be purchased directly from the market ahead of payouts being made. The final 6% will be supplied through emissions of our own holdings of MIDAS tokens. Therefore, to ensure positive economics, every MIDAS token paid out to users will already be backed by the relevant value prior to the payout being made.

If you have any further questions about APY boost, please join the Midas community in Telegram or Discord. Our admins are always glad to help!

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