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Back in June of 2019, Midas announced the launching of its brand new Instant Buy product. This service was designed to help investors and projects alike by providing liquidity for investors, BTC income for projects, as well as price support on the markets. It also enhances the user experience of crypto and investing in masternodes by providing an all in one platform service. Since the launch of Instant Buy, users are now able to purchase and host their masternodes all in one place.

In July, weekly reports on Instant Buy volume began being published. This article will take a look at the growth of the service, as well as how it interacts with the newly released Midas exchange. 

So far, Midas has recorded 33 weeks of Instant Buy data on the #InstantBuy channel of the discord. Here is a graphical representation of the weekly volumes: 

As you can see, the week with the highest volume was Week 15, with a volume topping out around 3.47 BTC. This was the week that Midas Burn Out was released, resulting in a massive demand for Midas coins. 

As expected, the data is noisy and includes a lot of high and low weeks. This is normal, and market lulls around the holidays (around week 25) are typical. However, Instant Buy volume has ticked up again in 2020, with another phenomenal week from 13/01/20 – 19/01/20 with volumes reaching 2.47 BTC. 

Though the data is noisy, the green trendline shows that volume is growing in a positive manner and the average volume is now over 1 BTC. This shows that Midas is fulfilling its goal to provide liquidity and market stability into the Masternode sector. As more coins continue to list and Midas expands its services, its user-base and volumes will only grow. 

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