Instant Buy report: 24.12.2019–31.12.2019

Each week, we will provide the Midas community a quick report about how much BTC funds we provided to projects and coin support from our communities purchasing on InstantBuy. Over the past 7 days, InstantBuy has produced the following results:

BTC sent to projects

Midas — 0.24441624 BTC

Fline — 0.01258789 BTC

Paws — 0.00844820 BTC

Sinovate — 0.00862912 BTC

Telos — 0.00715667 BTC

ODIN Blockchain — 0.01549841 BTC

Total BTC sent to projects for development: 0.29673653 BTC

20% of the BTC received for coin sales is revenue generated for the project. Some projects choose to have all BTC provided to coin support, which is why they do not feature above.

BTC provided for coin support on exchange

MIDAS — 0.09580255 BTC

FLN — 0.00003333 BTC

SIN — 0.02177027 BTC

PIVX — 0.01237032 BTC

KTS — 0.00757048 BTC

TELOS — 0.01535042 BTC

PAWS — 0.00486637 BTC

ESBC — 0.00853436 BTC

BIR — 0.00068706 BTC

CDZC — 0.00587712 BTC

ASAFE — 0.00291654 BTC

KYD — 0.01524037 BTC

PHR — 0.00628476 BTC

COLX — 0.00642748 BTC

DASH — 0.00008851 BTC

ODIN — 0.05811904 BTC

GENX — 0.00009500 BTC

AEM — 0.00059370 BTC

LYRA — 0.00049034 BTC

BLOCK — 0.00380000 BTC

YCE — 0.00031130 BTC

Total BTC sent to exchange: 0.26722931 BTC

Depending on our agreement with the project, between 75–95% of the BTC spent on InstantBuy goes to exchange for buy wall price support on exchange. Coins purchased on exchange come back to InstantBuy to provide more liquidity on InstantBuy allowing us to take more sales and generate further revenue for the project and funds for coin support.

Coins purchased from exchange and supplied back to InstantBuy

8000 MIDAS

2500 BIR

1582 PAWS

31300 KTS

1500 PIVX

46000 TELOS

These coins have been generated from last weeks ‘BTC provided for coin support on exchange’ and purchased from exchange and sent back to InstantBuy to provide further liquidity.


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