InstantBuy is one year old today!

On 12th June 2019, we launched the InstantBuy service to the masternode market.

InstantBuy was launched to open new liquidity to the market, provide a helpful feature for investors to start or continue building their portfolio, increase the support and price stability of the coins listed and vitally, generate BTC revenue for projects listed to allow them to continue their own development. It is fair to say that InstantBuy have achieved this…

⬛️ Number of transactions: 10223

Total volume: 67.05340112 BTC

⬛️ BTC applied to the price support of coins on exchange: 44.47306229 BTC

BTC generated as revenue for coins listed: 19.33329415 BTC

⬛️ Average coins growth after listing: 55%

The InstantBuy service has continued to grow throughout the year, posting gradually increasing weekly volumes – now regularly achieving in the region of 3 BTC weekly. With steadily increasing results, the outlook for the masternode space, projects and coins listed looks a little brighter than before.

As Midas has grown and evolved, InstantBuy has quickly become an integral part of our service, both on the frontend and the backend. Through InstantBuy, we are able to fill BTC deposits to MNI at market rate bringing greater value to you, the investors, whilst increasing overall support and stability in the masternode market.

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