Introducing Masternode Yield Automated Portfolio

For two months we have been developing a new concept of investment products — Yield Automated Portfolios (or YAPs) – set to become one of the most effective investment concepts for passive income. The first instrument of this type is the transformation of the Masternode Index to the Masternode YAP.

What’s new?

Diversification of coins: We felt that MNI is not diversified enough due to big drawdowns of coins in it and it has some restrictions due to low liquidity of presented coins.

Therefore, in addition to the current coins, we added three new coins that demonstrate leading potential and liquidity: NRG, XZC and ZEN. By applying coins in a mature market phase, we expect this to benefit greatly during an altcoin bull market.

Putting YOU in control: With the launch of the MN YAP split tool, you can set your preferred split to tailor your investment strategy to suit market sentiment or personal opinion.

Currently, it is in beta phase with Google Forms and accessible via the link below or email updates, but we will soon integrate this to the platform with full interface solutions.

Changes in user tracking: In preparation for future platform integration, framework to the backend has changed. As a result of this, data will no longer sync to MNI Trackers. To replace the trackers, we have redeveloped email updates to provide detailed portfolio information generated and sent directly to your email on a weekly basis until platform UI is launched.

Merging MNI to MN YAP

Any balance in MNI will be transferred to MN YAP. At the next portfolio rebalance, your portfolio will be rebalanced across all eight coins.

We will be limiting the total deposits to the new MN YAP at 30 BTC until the end of this year to assess before opening further.

Therefore, meet the new Masternode YAP!

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