Lock-In v2.0: the ultimate boost for generating passive income

Midas team is happy to release the new version of Lock-in! It moves the focus of Lock-in from saving your money on fees to empowering your passive income through various instruments.

For those that are new to Lock-in concept: stop paying fees on holding coins, take down fees on Index and increase revenue on interest rates. And all of it just for holding Midas coins in the Lock-in wallet. If you have an urgent need in taking Midas away from Lock-in, you withdraw coins anytime! New Lock-in has three different tiers:

1. Gold – 350 MIDAS
– great for mining coins on platform and trying out every instrument.

2. Platinum – 850 MIDAS
– general increase for interest rates boosting your income.

3. Diamond – 1250 MIDAS
– receive maximum profits from Midas.Investments!

Each tier will have a cool crown assigned to it.

The future for Midas Lock-in is to become the fundament for upcoming features, improving the amount of Midas holders and providing the best services on the expanding market!

Now go get your crown at: https://midas.investments/profile/lockin !

You can activate Lock-in either by transferring Midas to your Lock-in address or by purchasing it in InstantBuy. All by clicking one button on the page.

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