Looking for some investors for a 1-on-1 product interview

We are starting the next phase of product interviews with our investors. The concept is really simple: the best way to develop the product that you need is to talk directly with you.

Therefore I will arrange a series of private 1 on 1 calls with investors. During the interview I will be asking about your way in crypto and your usage of Midas. Together we can highlight all potential features you want to have and all problems you see now. Usually, one call takes one hour.

We will use received insights to prioritise development and create a new stuff. The talk is completely private and for Midas use only. Besides helping Midas to become the better platform for your needs, you can ask any questions related to the platform and vision.

Since there are not so many available slots, I will have a small requirements for investors to arrange a call:

1. Registered less than 5 months ago (we want to take feedback from the new users to update our view on investors goals);

2. Three different assets on the platform;

3. More than $500 total in shares;

4. We did not have a call before.

If you are viable for this requirements and wish to chat with me a little, then dm me your platform nickname and available time and dates. Cheers

P.S. Roadmap video is coming today.

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