Mid-month update on Midas.Investments

The current directions we are working on with a team. They will be highlighted deeply in the next report, or maybe even a video. But I wanted to make a mid-month update to keep you on track.

1. The MNI index will be renewed this month with potentially three new masternode coins.

It will help the profitability of index a lot by diversifying, will make it easier to scale the number of investors and overall reach much bigger audience with it. Meanwhile, MNI investors received their first transaction email, which notifies about payouts. We plan to broad those emails for different kinds of instruments on the platform.

2. The new index is coming!

Hopefully this month too. It will be much more conservative, but really effective to hold long-term. A great asset to hold in your passive income bag. We really want to explore all sorts of passive income indexes (which will be renamed too btw)

3. ERC20 tokens are coming soon.

We had to remake the deposit addresses for ERC20 so Midas would not pay thousands dollar of gas fees. This opens a bunch of possibilities for broadening Midas platform investment opportunities.

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