Midas 🔥 Burn-out referrals

Recently, we have been receiving many complaints that the referral link to activate the burnout did not work.

In order for everything to work correctly and you receive a reward for your affiliate, strictly follow the following steps: 

🔺 Activate the burnout. You will receive a unique link.

🔺Your affiliate must register on the platform using this link and activate the burnout using this link.

🔺 All registrations without a link will not work for an affiliate burnout activation.

🔗 More information here:

That’s all you need to do boys to activate the referral. Sadly, many people find it hard to register under one and only link. For those guys we have been crediting Midas coins manually. But after this announcement we stop doing this. 

The reason behind this is that we are kinda tired to pay from our pockets for your referrals messing up. Guide them on the process and everything will be fine. 

Cheers 🙂

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