Midas 2020 Roadmap release, exchange update, the launch of the new features and Fline bot making profits

1. The exchange progress

We are trying the new rules of development, which boosts effectiveness of the coding up to 50%. This brings some nice results.

We have finished the matching process. The core component of the exchange, as all of you know. Considering that we have a non-typical orders, we needed to make sure it all works well.

Now we are moving to the next stage: candle and graph drawing, and, finally, front-end, including trading view graph.

2. New Midas.Investments Roadmap is finished

The new roadmap will be released this week. Most likely tomorrow.

It covers up all upcoming development up till the end of 2020 and includes the development both for Midas and Fline. You will see our plans on how can we move out of the masternode market.

The roadmap completion is the first step to the new whitepaper, that I started writing few days ago.

3. Earn 15% annual interest rate on BTC!

Midas released the feature that allows you to earn interest rate on BTC. It is limited only to the first 10 BTC deposit and in the first week we have 4 BTC in it already.

This is our way to step into the field that provide stable passive income without altcoins.
Some of you ask how can we provide such a high income? It is a limited offering for our investors. Most part of BTC is going to lending platforms, such as Celcius that offer lower percentage to get a part of the fixed rate. 10% of it is spending on Midas marketing, basically attracting new investors. Those new investors allow us to cover up the rest annual percentage 8–10%, which is up to 0.02 BTC per week only.

Overall, this feature allows us to maximise marketing potential of Midas and will become the core on top of the many cool stuff later on.

You can learn more on how does it work in the Medium article below.


4. Get extra 10% ROI for Midas coin, if holding more than 5 000 coins

Each week you will receive additional 10% of your Midas coin rewards on the platform if you are holding 5 000 coins or more.

This is our way to thank our big investors. It is a limited offer and we plan to have this campaign last for one month. Then we will decide if we want to continue it.

This ROI increase on Midas will also help us attract new investors. And since almost every investor buys Midas using InstantBuy, this BTC will go straightly to our buy support on exchanges.

So, make sure to have more than 5 000 Midas coins on your platform balance + Lock-in activated (to pay no fees) and enjoy additional coins during the next month!

5. The new front-end developer was found, finishing with Burn-out new landing page

We finally found the new front-end developer. It allows us to launch the landing pages and platform features much faster, such as project listing page and fline dashboard.

Today he will finish with the long-awaited Burnout landing page, which allows us to generate audience from different marketing channels.

We are continuing to increase our development team.

6. Fline bot closes the 5% profit trade, and platform updates

This week Fline bot closed a nice short, fixing 5% of profit, which gets us to 5% in 10 days. Overall in November Fline bot got 18% profits. If we see the nice BTC move before the end of the month, this number can get us even to 30% per month.

Meanwhile, we have finished with Fline’s backend and fixed the Bitmex API bugs. The development is moving to design and front-end, which will start tomorrow.


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