Midas achievements and a new framework for building product

There was not many updates in the recent weeks. But this does not mean we are chilling during the world-wide quarantine. I strongly believe that Midas is one of the most hard-working teams on the masternode market.

We made a lot of progress on multiple aspects of Midas.Investments. I will make a detailed report on the job that was done on the next week, when we finalize different projects.

But you already can see the results of our work.

Midas price increase by 20% with over 1.5 BTC in the buy support

Twitter growth from 1.5k followers to 2.8 thousand

InstantBuy steady growth over recent months to 1 BTC average weekly volume

Exchange average volume grows to 0.4 BTC daily

One of the biggest thing that we implemented to our work is the customer development process.

This is the one-on-one private interviewing of the investors, which aims to get the most valuable insights from the users about building product around their needs and pains.

Me (Trevor – Midas.investments#0001) and Lloyd (Lloyd | Midas.Investments#9292) have only started the interviews, but spending 1.5 hours with investors gives us the two most important things:

The unique information about your product and coin that you could not think from a head. It helps to prioritise and develop the features that lead to the growth of Midas based on your clear opinion and to make the most efficient marketing

◾◾The blast of energy to work even harder each day. Each conversation gives you a bunch of insights and new ideas that you can implement right away. That is the real inner drive based on the love of your product.

So, if someone who is using our platform wishes to spend a hour with me and Lloyd, make sure to dm me, so we could schedule the time.

Take care.

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