Midas coin and exchange on Coinmarketcap! Midas price +30%

Midas coin was added on Coinmarketcap on November, but it did not reflect the accurate stats of Circulating and Total supply.

Today CMC finally added the correct numbers to the stats at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/midas/ .

It even includes the amount of coins that we burned!

This data is getting parsed on many crypto statistics platforms, which brings the biggest percentage of organic investors acquisition.

After we updated coin information on CMC Midas got nice buys on Crex24 getting the price to 7k sats, which means that those are investors not from our ecosystem.

It is a great sign that those actions bring results!

Another great news regarding CMC is that Midas exchange have passed the first stage of listing on CMC!


It is not fully filled just yet, but we are in contact with CMC team to make sure the listing will go smooth!

The listing on CMC allow us to reach it’s target audience and provide more services to coins that we list!

Midas Website



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