Midas coin marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes, Burn-out upgrade, venture investment and Fline bot making 15% in one week

1. Midas coin marketing campaign

As said in the previous report, before the exchange release we are working on promoting Midas coin. Currently we are working in a few promoting directions such as:
– ambassador programme launch. This is similar to the referral links, but for big investors and marketing agencies
– marketing agencies partnerships. Currently we are working with one marketing agency. This week we created a database of such marketing agencies and offering them a referral partnership on promoting midas coin.
– multiple listings that were not covered by us yet.
– loyalty programmes development that will be announced soon.

2. Rewarding Midas coin holders on the platform during this week

We are really proud for the community we managed to gather during two years of work. And before the exchange release we want to reward our investors with additional ROI. We will announce it this week (probably tomorrow).

3. Burn-out upgrade is coming out this week

Upgrade including:
– New landing page for Burn-out
– Register leading directly to the Burn-out on landing Burn-out page
– Marketing campaign is oriented on call-per-action networks and other types of marketers. It allows Midas to go further our local masternode market

The new Burn-out will be oriented to the creation of marketing campaigns around it. It will start right after the release of it.

4. New page for coins listing is designed and passed to development

Hopefully next week we will have the new materials for listing new coins to our ecosystem:
– landing page
– designed PDF with full information regarding listing

This will maximise the listing potential our platform can achieve, especially with the exchange release.

5. Education and hiring of new developers has started

We are really struggling in finding crew members that will fill our requirements in terms of development due to the unique nature of the platform.

Mike (our CTO) has started the programme of educating our back-end and devops developers. So they could navigate within the platform and help to code inner stuff.

Meanwhile, I am starting to search for valuable developers to fit our needs. It may take some time to find, hire and educate them, so we could increase our development speed, but it is definitely worth it in long-term perspective.

6. The start of venture investment process for Midas.Investments

I have finalised the roadmap for the upcoming months of Midas development. And we will need the additional finance to get to our goals faster. It will be spent on marketing and hiring new high quality development team.

Potentially, if we get venture financing for our company (from 300k to 1 000k usd, we can make the best investment platform in crypto). This week I started to communicate with a few hand-picked funds and pitching them our vision.

If you have any connections to someone who is willing to invest in our future, send me a message in discord or telegram (Trevor).

7. Fline upgrades are showing results and backend development is facing difficulties with Bitmex API

During autumn the Fline bot got a few major updates, like take-profits and re-entering in the trades. The Fline bot is aimed to catch big moves, when they happen. That is why it trades without leverages.

We had a really boring flat Bitcoin for the past two months and only in the last week we got some big movements. Due to the recent updates we are now able to catch those moves, which lead to the nice 11.8% of fixed profit and 3.4% in the current trade.

As we said earlier, once the Bitcoin starts to get volatility, the Fline bot is here to catch it.

The back-end development is stuck in the last point, where we need to bind our api with Bitmex api, which is really weird. We expect it to be cracked tomorrow, then we start on designing and coding the new front-end for Fline dashboard.

After the release of the new dashboard, we will make a few big updates regarding terms of investing that will make the bot available for anyone. So, keep on following our updates.


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