Midas exchange launch — One week on…

It has been a very busy week since launch of Midas exchange. To all that have been involved, thanks! The progress we have made in seven days has been beyond our expectations.

Since launch, our dev team — headed by CTO Mike — have been incredibly busy optimising the exchange, sorting bugs, making fixes and continuing to work on new ideas to continue to take Midas exchange forward.

Despite only launching seven days ago, as I write daily volume is 0.32245613 BTC, and we have been averaging around 0.2 BTC daily volume since launch. That is a fantastic start!

This has resulted in a strong flow of user BTC on Midas that has allowed InstantBuy to achieve a record week (not including the week of Burn-out launch) — not just in volume achieved, but variety of coins purchased and supported on exchange!

With BTC from InstantBuy now supporting on Midas exchange, these strong results on InstantBuy allow us to increase market liquidity on exchange, which will bring more users and volume to exchange allowing us to have the potential to multiply results from InstantBuy and exchange further. Increased results on InstantBuy also increase revenue generated by projects, giving them potential to develop the team and project for organic growth of the project and your investments.

All the suggestions we have received for exchange improvements and project listings are being listened to and we are driving forward aiming to become the #1 exchange for MN/PoS coins.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and remember to spread the word about Midas exchange!

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