Midas exchange launched

There has been significant changes to exchange in the masternode space in recent months. First CoinExchange closed. Then Cryptobridge. To successfully replace these lost once giants takes an exchange with new and fresh ideas and features. We introduce Midas exchange. The days of traditional exchanges in the masternode space are gone. Midas exchange brings new idea, new concepts, and revolutionary benefits to projects, coins and users. It has been a long term ambition of Midas to launch the first hybrid exchange/investment platform and after more than one year of design, development and testing, the day has finally arrived.

Introducing Midas exchange — https://midas.investments/exchange

How is Midas exchange different to the rest?

1. For the first time, earn rewards whilst you trade on exchange!

2. Leading market liquidity from day 1, with options for immediate order fulfilment through InstantBuy at market rates.

3. Strongest buy walls offered on Midas exchange through results generated from InstantBuy.

4. Automatic sale of rewards allowing you to ‘mine’ BTC through InstantSell (launch expected soon).

5. Zero fee trading for users activating MIDAS Lock-in.

6. Absolutely no trading bots or wash trading. Just pure trading, real buyers and an active community.

7. No user KYC data required.

With close integration of the InstantBuy and InstantSell services as well as the Midas platform, Midas exchange is like no exchange before it and we aim to truly revolutionise buying and investing in masternode coins and beyond. Integrations to CMC, Coingecko, MNO and other tracking platforms will commence shortly.

Welcome to the new Midas!

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