Midas Integrates with Fireblocks

The Midas platform has fully integrated with Fireblocks to provide the best DeFi services to our users. Midas has come a long way since its founding many years ago. What was once managed on Google Spreadsheets has now evolved to use the most powerful blockchain service suite available. Read on for more details on what Fireblocks is, how it integrates with Midas and why it will supercharge our growth. 

What is Fireblocks?

Fireblocks is a digital asset platform for institutions. Hundreds of businesses use Fireblocks to maintain the security of funds, manage their treasuries, access trusted DeFi protocols, manage their tokenomics, and any other digital asset back-end operation. 

Fireblocks is much more than a wallet – it’s a hub for lending, liquidity provision, trade settlement, and transfer. Through the Fireblocks platform, institutions can connect to over 30 exchanges – making it one of the most liquid platforms available. As you can imagine, this is imperative for institutions that move large amounts of funds (like Midas). 

The Fireblocks platform also allows its users to manage multiple accounts and rebalance seamlessly, view account balances, deploy DeFi strategies, and more.

How Midas Uses Fireblocks

Safety is at the forefront of Midas’ operations. The focus on safety is why Midas has never experienced a hack or lost user funds. By integrating the Fireblocks platform, Midas takes its security to the next level, implementing industry-grade protections to cover user funds. 

Next, Midas utilizes Fireblocks as a liquidity hub to power our swap feature. Since Midas supports so many tokens and coins on various blockchains, the traditional decentralized liquidity-pool backend will not work. By using Fireblocks, Midas can offer the best rates on over 400 coins and tokens and can do so by routing trades through centralized and decentralized exchanges at favorable trading prices. 

Midas can also utilize the rebalancing feature to easily manage our YAP strategies. Fireblocks makes it easy to automate these processes, along with managing and maintaining user balances. 

This is, of course, only the beginning of our synergies. As Midas continues to grow and innovate, so will our use of Fireblocks. 

Supercharging Platform Growth

The road to $1B AUM (assets under management) is a long one, but with Fireblocks it will come much faster. Fireblocks provides Midas with the tools we need to scale at this incredibly fast rate – and we plan to do exactly that. 

For more information on Midas, please visit our Telegram channel and join us on Discord.

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