Midas Investments – A Comprehensive Crypto Passive – Income Platform

What Is the Midas Project? 

Midas Investments is a crypto-based platform and business that seeks to provide diverse passive income opportunities to its users. Starting in 2018, Midas launched as a shared Masternode service – offering its users portions of Masternode rewards in proportion to their share in the node. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Masternodes, check out this article explaining what they are

Over the past two years, Midas has developed a powerful platform and continues to innovate. Many new features have emerged and revolutionized the crypto passive income space – and the team does not plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Let’s take a look at some of Midas’ most successful features: 

Instant Shares

Prior to Midas’ invention of the Instant Share, the only way to receive Masternode rewards was to: a) operate a full Masternode independently, or b) hold a certain number of “seats” in a traditional shared service. For users participating in shared services, lengthy wait times for all seats to fill would delay the rewards from days to months, posing a high cost to the investor in the form of lost rewards. 

Seeing this issue in the market, Midas invented the “Instant Share” which, as its name implies, allows investors to begin receiving rewards from the moment they deposit their funds.  This eliminates both the high cost of entry, as well as the costly downtime of shared nodes. It also magnifies the effect of compound interest – due to each reward immediately earning and compounding. 

Burn Out

Through a one-time investment in Midas coin, participants in Midas’ burn out feature can receive a lifetime of rewards. Different from investing in a coin, investing in Burn Out is investing in the growth of the Midas platform itself. Simultaneously creating an income for participants and lowering the total supply of Midas coins, the Burn Out feature has the potential to revolutionize the crypto industry. 

Instead of receiving Masternode rewards for the Midas coins invested in this feature, the coins are split. A portion of the coins will be divided between those already participating in the Burn Out feature, and the other portion will be permanently removed from circulation. Due to the nature of this feature, it behooves investors to act quickly. Those who activate Burn Out sooner will receive a higher payout over the long-term. 

Midas Exchange

Midas has long been at work on developing their own internal exchange for use with their platform. The “crown jewel” feature of this exchange is unlike any other on the market. It actually allows users to receive Masternode and PoS rewards while coins are on the order book. This makes it so that traders don’t have to dump their coins to get BTC, and allows for greater market liquidity. Currently in Alpha testing, the Midas Exchange is expected to go live for the public very soon! 

Who Can Benefit From The Midas Platform? 

The Midas platform has something for everyone! If you aren’t interested in participating in an Instant Share or Burn Out, Midas is pioneering a “BTC” investment that provides an incredible 15% yearly ROI. If you prefer to keep your coins in BTC and not risk the Masternode market, this is the one for you! 

Midas’ Plans For Future Development

Midas doesn’t plan on stopping the innovation anytime soon. On the roadmap for 2020 and beyond, the Midas team has detailed their plans for new features including: Trading Bot shares, Multibuy portfolios, and the reimplementation of Midas coin buybacks off of exchanges from company profits. 

Full Roadmap

The crypto passive income revolution is here, and Midas is leading the way. 




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