Midas Investments: A Comprehensive Guide

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This article will be a comprehensive review of the Midas.Investments platform, including descriptions of each offered utility and how to use them effectively.

What is Midas.Investments?

Midas is the leading platform for Proof of Stake and Masternode coins, offering a vast array of services for the sector of the crypto industry. It started off as a simple shared Masternode service, operating through a Google Sheet and Discord. Over the last two years, Midas’ service has continuously evolved, and has consistently led its competitors in innovation.

What does Midas Offer?

Midas’ main platform utilities are:

  • Instant Node Service
  • Instant Buy
  • Burn Out
  • Exchange

Instant Nodes

For those of you who are new to the Masternode space, you may not be familiar with what an Instant Node is. Unlike other shared Masternode services that require all portions (or “seats”) of a node to be filled before it can be started, Instant Nodes allow users to deposit any amount of collateral and begin receiving rewards immediately. This is far more convenient and lucrative for investors, who do not lose rewards due to lost time.

To participate in an Instant Share, simply login to the Midas Platform using your Discord or Google credentials, and select the coin you wish to invest.

Midas’ platform supports a number of leading Masternode projects, each with their own unique project rating. This rating is on a scale from 1–10, and is based on a complex algorithm that takes price stability, project development, and many other factors into account. For investors who do not know which coin to invest in, this rating provides a good starting place.

Once a project has been chosen, you then click the “invest” button on the right side of the screen. This will open up your personal address tab for that coin.

In this example, I picked DASH, which is the top rated Masternode coin available. As you can see in the screen above, a unique address will appear for your account. Make sure you only deposit coins specific to that project to the given address. Any coins sent incorrectly will be permanently lost.

After coins are sent to the address, they will appear in your balance after 10 confirmations by the blockchain. Then you may enjoy your rewards!

Instant Buy

Instead of sending coins to the platform, Investors have the option to purchase Masternode collateral directly from the platform using Midas’ Instant Buy feature! When a user purchases coins from Instant Buy, their purchase will be directly credited into an Instant Share, and will immediately begin generating rewards.

To participate in Instant Buy, a user must first deposit Bitcoin into their account. After logging in, click the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the window next to your username. The following menu will appear:

Then, click on the middle option where your Bitcoin balance is displayed. You will be redirected to this screen:

This screen shows your current balance and withdrawal address. To make a deposit, click the blue “DEPOSIT” button to reveal your deposit address. This will reveal your personal address for your BTC share.

Note: Make sure you only deposit BTC to your BTC address. Any other coin sent to this address will be permanently lost.

After funding your account with BTC, the balance will appear in your account after one confirmation. Then you may make your purchase via Instant Buy. Select your desired project, and click the blue “BUY” button.

This will open the Instant Buy window for that coin. In the example below, I selected DASH.

The window displays your account BTC balance, the price per coin, and the number of coins available to be purchased. Simply enter the quantity of coins to purchase, and click the “BUY” button at the bottom of the window. In just a few seconds, your coins will be purchased and credited to your account in an Instant Share!

Burn Out

Burn Out offers an alternative to investing in the Midas coin, allowing direct investment in the growth of the platform user base. Users must “burn” 250 Midas coins to activate the feature. About 50% of these coins are permanently taken out of circulation, and the other 50% are distributed among users who have already activated the feature. There are plans to offer increased rewards to users who have activated the burn out feature, including zero trading fees on the exchange, airdrops, and more.

To participate in the Burn Out feature, log into your account and click on the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.

Click on the “Zero fees and Burn-Out” option. You will be redirected to the following screen:

Note: My Lock-In has already been activated.

To participate in Burn-Out, users must deposit 600 coins into their Lock-In address. This address can be accessed through clicking the “Deposit” button in the window.

After a confirmed deposit to your Lock-In address, you can then scroll down to see the Burn-Out dashboard.

To activate Burn-Out, click the “ACTIVATE” button. Please be aware that after you activate the Burn-Out feature, you will not be able to undo your action. 250 of your Midas Coins will be permanently destroyed and taken out of circulation, but this will be slowly recovered over time as more users activate the feature.

Activating the Burn Out feature will also activate the Lock-In feature, which allows users to invest in Masternodes with zero fees — a very attractive option to small and large investors alike.

Midas Exchange

Finally, we get to the exchange: the crown jewel of the Midas Platform. Aside from the usual exchange capabilities of buying/selling, the Midas Exchange is designed to cater specifically to Masternode and Proof of Stake coins through enabling users to receive coin rewards while coins are on the order books. So now, instead of having to destroy your Masternode or make a manual withdrawal in order to sell rewards, you can simply set a sell order and wait for it to fill. This is also good for the projects themselves, as it discourages dumping of coins.

To use the exchange, click the “Exchange” Tab located at the top left of the platform.

This will bring you to the Exchange landing page, as seen below:

To navigate between markets, click the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and choose the desired coin.

Note, once in your desired market, your instant share balance and BTC balance will appear in the trade window.

Enjoy your trading!

For more information on Midas Investments, or if any issues arise, please join the Midas.Investments Discord group. Community managers are available almost 24/7 for support, and team members are regularly online to troubleshoot issues.



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