Midas.Investments are announcing a contest. Try your luck with Midas!

Each contestant has equal chances to win one of six prizes: $4, $8, $15, $16, $23, 42$. That means you have great chances to win! Calculate yourself.

The winnings are paid to the account in one of the following coins: MIDAS, FLN, BTC, LTC, PIVX, ESBC. In which coin the payment will also be determined randomly by random.org service!

The cost of participation in the contest is $15 in a MIDAS coin. The sum for participation should be on the account, coins will be deducted on the fact of registration of the participant in the contest.

The contest will be held on Sunday 05.04.2020 live, on #luck-contest channel in our discord.

Apply for the contest and try your luck together with Midas!


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