Midas.Investments burns 5 300 Midas coins from Burn-out!

5 300 Midas coins are sent to the Midas burning address.

This brings the amount of burned coins to 136 thousand Midas. It is 55 thousand dollars or 9 BTC!

There were 68 activations of Burn-out during March, which is 20 thousand Midas coin! A nice utility, as for me. We aim to increase this value for April by making big changes to Burn-out structure.

For those who do not know what Burn-out is. It is an investment instrument. You purchase a Burn-out activation that costs 300 Midas coins. Those coins are split in two parts. The first one is spreading between previous activations and the second one is being burned.

You receive lifetime rewards for all activations after you + airdrops of every coin that is listed on Midas!

The spike in Burn-out activations in March is related to a few things:

  1. The disabling of Lock-in restrictions You do not need to have Lock-in activated anymore to join Burn-out.
  2. The increase of payout value, making ROI even higher We lowered the percentage of burned coins from each activation. It reduced the amount of coins that were burned today, but we plan to increase the burning amount through other resources.
  3. Airdrops for every coin that we list on Midas Many of our investors loved this feature. For each coin listed on Midas you receive a couple of bucks worth of this coin. It gives you a little taste to check out the coin you received.

You can learn more about Burn-out here.

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