Midas.Investments releases a beta version of e-mail 2-FA

Midas team is in the middle of deep developments and new partnerships. Meanwhile, we were asked to apply an additional user security level for accounts, such as 2-FA.

The massive security update is planned on June-July once we finish with the new type of share cards. Before that we wanted to give our investors the instrument for additional protection.

That is why we released a beta version of 2-FA. It will send a code on your email each time you are logging in, which negates 99% of hack possibilities, if your email is protected.

We decided not to spend more development hours and days on integrating it to front-end, since we plan to remake most of the design.

Therefore, if you want to activate 2-FA for your account, message @Seb – Midas.investments#1031 on Discord with your platform’s nickname and it will be installed in 24 hours.

Stay secured, folks. More things to announce this week!

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