Midas investor & community manager Carlos: ‘Even if I had 5 BTC on Midas, I’d still feel comfortable’

Today we’d like to share with you the story of Carlos – one of our earliest and most loyal investors. He went through a lot of stages in his life as an investor: from a blogger to a fund manager to an important member of the Midas community. And wherever he goes, he’s always eager to show people how to save and invest smartly to become financially independent.

Carlos has always loved numbers and became interested in achieving financial freedom very early on. He lived in Luxemburg and moved to a small town in Portugal where most people know nothing about financial markets. But Carlos was different. He started investing, ran his own Medium blog about finance, and even tried shorting stocks. After a few failed attempts, Carlos got into social trading, and just a few years later, he found himself managing a $3 million investment fund. 

His first experiment in Bitcoin mining ended up with a blown-up GPU card, but in 2017, Carlos built two successful mining rigs and enjoyed good gains until the great crash in early 2018, known as the ‘crypto winter’. Forced to shut down the mining operations and sell the hardware, Carlos nonetheless continued looking for new crypto investment opportunities – and that’s how he came upon masternodes – a completely new way to earn rewards/interest with crypto, safer and more reliable than ICOs.

The masternode revolution

At first, Carlos ran his own masternodes, but soon he realized that renting VPS was costly and time-consuming. Midas was the answer: a shared masternode hosting platform where he could buy a part of a masternode and earn a share of the rewards without any hassle. He says that what convinced him to join was partly the fact that the platform had been online for a year – but most of all the personality of our CEO, Trevor, and his genuine, enthusiastic videos on YouTube. 

Carlos is passionate about investing and financial education, so soon he found himself spending more and more time helping other Midas users. Eventually we asked him to become our community manager, and now he has a large network of contacts and even his own coin – Trading Pool Coin. 

Carlos says that he readily recommends Midas to anyone – partly because not investing right now means missing out on a tremendous opportunity. He notes that the only thing that prevents people from becoming financially independent is a lack of investment education – and tries to remedy that. Carlos himself keeps a big part of his portfolio on Midas, plus the collateral from his Trading Pool Coin investors. He says that he’d still feel comfortable even if he had 5 BTC invested in Midas.

Earn, save, invest, repeat

Carlos’ advice to all Midas users and beginner investors is to start small – but persevere. Instead of cutting your expenses, try to save and invest a little every week to start generating passive income. He calls his approach ‘earn, save, invest, repeat’.  Even $50 can go a long way when invested wisely. 

Carlos himself reinvests everything he does not spend – mostly to increase his portfolio on Midas, but also in other instruments. However, he notes that, while some of his other investments do yield 10% a month, they are not nearly as liquid as investing in Bitcoin – if things went badly, he could end up with a huge bag of coins that he could not sell and get his money back. He warns about the risks of high earning coins usually having low liquidity. Bitcoin and Ethereum, by contrast, are highly liquid: there are always buyers. 

Would you like to know more about how to earn 16% APY in Bitcoin on Midas? Then ask Carlos or any of our active investors in the official Midas Investments Telegram chat or on Discord!

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