Midas launches investment indexes

Today, Midas launches the first-of-it’s-kind investment index for the masternode space to bring stable investment opportunities to masternodes.

Directly from the Midas platform, investors will be able to deposit BTC to the new Masternode Index (MNI) share. Once deposited, Midas manages the index porfolio and splits your funds across equally across five coins that have demonstrated long term stability and industry leading return on investment opportunities.

  • Midas (MIDAS)
  • e-Sports Betting (ESBC)
  • Divi project (DIVI)
  • Telos (TELOS)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Behind the scenes, coins are purchased on your behalf, built in to nodes and begin to generate rewards. But here is where the index is different:

  • 🔹 Rewards paid in BTC: Instead of coin payouts, invested users will receive payouts directly in BTC to their Midas BTC balance.
  • 🔹 Monthly rebalance: On a monthly basis, we rebalance all portfolios. Through statistical modelling, this strategy has been shown to provide organic and long term asset growth.
  • 🔹Asset stability: The Masternode Index has been designed to provide stability to your investment whilst generating payouts directly in BTC. Finding your investments 30% down will be a thing of the past.
  • 🔹Have control of your funds: Deposit and withdraw to the Masternode Index at any time. Your funds are not locked and you have full control at all times.
  • 🔹Portfolio tracking: Follow asset growth and rewards on the Midas platform. For a detailed analysis on your index portfolio including your coin structure and rebalancing, we will be launching a Google Sheet (launch expected in one week from today). Front end UI on Midas platform for the index is in development and will be launched soon.

The Masternode Index (MNI) could be the first of many index investment instruments that come to Midas. Allow Midas’ statistical modelling drive your investments to success.

You can find MNI Share in the list of available shares on the platform.

Payment should be made in BTC

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