Midas Masternodes A Top Portfolio Addition

In a report from Masternode.Buzz, Mister Node (a Masternode portfolio manager) shared their funds’ earnings for the month of January 2020. His portfolio is a diverse holding of various Mastenrode and PoS projects, each with their own ROI and valuation. His largest contributors in the portfolio are VeChain, Divi and Zen, but a Midas Masternode represents about 6% of the fund. 

Added only in December of 2019, the Midas Masternode was the best addition to the fund for 2020 thus far – providing a return of 52.33% in only one month! This outperformed Divi, which was the second most profitable on the month at 38.95%. The Midas node in the Mister Node portfolio provided a profit (from rewards) of $60.50 – not a bad result for only 6% of the portfolio. This result could have been even better if they had owned two Midas Masternodes, since Midas is offering a 10% ROI bonus for holders who own 5000+ coins. 

This goes to show that Midas is attracting the attention of experienced traders, investors and institutions. As Midas continues to develop and innovate, this attention is only going to increase. With the dedication and hard work of the team, and the many innovations planned for 2020, Midas has earned its place in any portfolio. 

To track the Mister Node portfolio, click here.

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