Midas Swap: Beta Release

Midas Investments made the cryptocurrency exchange process simple, safe, and comfortable. The Swap feature allows users to instantly exchange any token to another on Midas platform just in a few clicks. The swap feature on the Midas platform is still a work in progress, so it has some limits for all users that are updated every day

We’ve increased liquidity across all assets by 50% to stress test our backend processes. Daily limits will still be in place, but 50% higher than previous and therefore increased liquidity will be available for a greater number of users. The MIDAS token liquidity has been increased by 200% to meet the increased demand.

Midas Swap Benefits

The Swap feature provides a wide list of benefits for Midas users.

  • Lightning-fast service. The Swap process takes less than a minute.
  • Wide range of coins. More than 30 currencies are available for Swap.
  • User-friendly interface. Easy and convenient process for everyone.

Midas Swap Limits

As the Swap feature is still in the testing phase, it has the following limits per day:

  • $15k limit for “Swap To” and “Swap From” for pairs [btc / eth, usdc, usdt, dai, busd], [eth / usdc, usdt]
  • $7.5k limit for “Swap To” and “Swap From” for pairs [btc / bnb]
  • $3.5-4k for other token pairs

Liquidity is added to cryptocurrency pools every day from 10:00 – 17:00 UTC.

If you transferred funds but haven’t received them yet, contact our Support Team via chat on the website. Never DM your sensitive info to anyone on Discord or Telegram.

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