Midas team wishes the great New Year for the community!

This year was really intensive, both for crypto and Midas. We got x4 on BTC price from lows, which tells us about the long-waited bullish trend! Bakkt release was made and the trade volumes are growing each month.

Midas had a lot of stuff going on too.

Lock-in made us the first free shared platform.

Instant-Buy provided the real support for coins and liquidity for investors.

And we finished the year with the exchange release, that is going to be the revolution both for Midas and this market.

Next year will be the most exciting. We approach BTC halving, that is the mathematical basis for the whole industry growth.

We are heading to the two years of Midas existence in upcoming January, too! The exchange gives us so many opportunities that we will ride in the new 2020!

I hope that the New Year will bring you a lot of happiness, profits and successes! Not only in crypto, but in your real life. Do not forget the most important things: your family and beloved ones near you. Take care of them!

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