Midas under the microscope: MIDAS Burn-out

MIDAS Burn-out: the revolutionary investment instrument linked to the growth of Midas that generates a sustainable return on your investment whilst diminishing overall coin supply! Read on to find out how this can happen…

What is Burn-out and how does this benefit users?

In the two years since Midas launched, we have repeatedly launched revolutionary services and features. Some work, some do not. Burn-out is working, and is here to stay.

Burn-out provides the investor with the opportunity to create a new passive income streams. By activating your Burn-out through your Midas account, you receive payouts whenever other users activate their Burn-out in the future. How does this work?

1) To activate MIDAS Burn-out, an investor triggers the Burn-out with 250 MIDAS.

2) This MIDAS is then split by the platform. A portion of this is burned. The amount burned is dynamic and will gradually decline to ensure strong ROI for investors as the number of activations grow.

3) The remaining MIDAS is split amongst investors who have previously activated MIDAS Burn-out.

The result: An annual ROI of 97.7% over the previous three months from 86 new users activating the Burn-out. From these 86 activations over the past three months, 9175 MIDAS has been burned, and 12325 MIDAS has been spread across previous users activating Burn-out.

Since launch in early October, MIDAS Burn-out has burned 33,315 MIDAS and paid 25,267 MIDAS to activate users at the time of writing. MIDAS Burn-out ensures positive coin economics in addition to investors return on investment to truly make this a revolutionary investment instrument.

Giving something extra back to activated users…

After activating MIDAS Burn-out, investors are provided with a unique referral link. For every new user that begins using Midas and who activates Burn-out themselves, the referrer will earn a 75 MIDAS bonus (US$40 at current value). This 75 MIDAS is deducted from the 250 MIDAS before the remaining coins are split between burning and investor as described in 1–3 above.

This makes the MIDAS referral the strongest in the space, whilst ensuring long term sustainability for the coin supply and circulation.

In addition, users with an activated Burn-out are entered to the Burn-out airdrop; where activated users have the opportunity to receive random airdrops of 10 MIDAS.

How does this affect MIDAS coin?

MIDAS Burn-out has a direct impact on the future of MIDAS coin. After 500 Burn-out activations, the overall supply will have been lowered by 3.5%, taking over 53000 MIDAS (21 masternodes) from circulation.

Lowering of the circulating supply will have direct consequences to the overall impact of MIDAS growth and price strength and will play a contributing role to the future growth of our coin.

Do you want to activate Burn-out?

MIDAS Burn-out can be activated directly on your Midas account through the MIDAS Lock-in landing page. To do this, a user must hold their MIDAS intended to activate the Burn-out within the MIDAS Lock-in.

To activate Burn-out, move MIDAS to your Lock-in, so the Lock-in balance displays 600 MIDAS. For new users, this would mean moving 600 MIDAS to the Lock-in and then selecting to activate Burn-out. For users who have already activated MIDAS Lock-in, you would be required to move an additional 250 MIDAS to your MIDAS Lock-in.

For instructions on how to deposit to the Lock-in, see the previous Midas under the microscope post.

To activate, press the ‘Activate’ button beneath the Lock-in, and this will be managed immediately on your account.

Activate your Burn-out today to take part in the cryptosphere most sustainable ROI-based investment instrument that is closely connected to the growth of our project.

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