Midas updated Burn-out! From now the function cost reduced from 600 to 300 MIDAS!

 We canceled Lock-In’s mandatory connection to activate the Burn-out function, so now, to activate the Burnout, you need half as many coins – 300 MIDAS instead of 600 MIDAS.

Also the referral payout for Burn-out is doubled and now reaches 150 MIDAS for one referral. 

This is 50% of your initial investment!

This means that in order to recoup the investment in Burn-out, it is enough to activate the function by only two people through your referral link!

In case your account supports Burn-out, with each new activation, your income grows about one and a half times!

Burn-out is now more accessible for everyone!

If you still have questions regarding this news, lets discuss it in our chat

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