Midas will be able to list any coin, 2-years anniversary stream, the vote winners, the blog released and new BTT thread

1. We had a lot of fun during the 2 years anniversary Midas stream!

You can join this fun by watching the recording of it. We were drinking, laughing, talking about Midas’s past and future, and of course giving away the golden and silver handcrafted Midas coins!

I am planning to arrange this kind of streams each month to talk about different things and keeping the community closer to each other.

2. The vote for the free exchange listing is finished. Congratulations Helios!

The voting has been fierce with hundreds of votes received over the past five days. All spam voting has been removed and the results are…

  1. Helios (HLS)
  2. Soverain (SOVE)
  3. ReeCore (REEX)

Soon we are going to list the winners and most of the coins that participated in the voting! It is going to bring a lot of new investors to Midas that we welcome warmly.

3. The platform update to list any coin is soon to be finished

One of the biggest news of this week is that we are near to complete the module for the platform that allows to list any coin, not only dash and pivx forks.

It was the biggest constraint for the growth of our platform and by elevating Midas.Investments can add many great coins offering services to their community. Starting from that point Midas.Investments can enter wide markets with thousands of investors.

The first coin that will be listed with the new module is Helios, that won our voting competition.

4. The official Midas.Investments blog is released

Well, you might have noticed it. It allows us to create the best type of content for you partnering with influencers, developers and more.

In terms of marketing it helps with search optimization and time that users are spending on our website. It will help us to grow our community in the longterm.

5. The new Bitcointalk thread about Midas exchange

We decided to remake our bitcointalk thread to adapt it for the recent changes Midas.Investments had.

Now the thread is representing our whole ecosystem and does a great job explaining what can we do for investors.

Leave a kind word there about Midas to help us grow faster!

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