MNI Rebalancing launches today

There has been some exciting developments behind the scenes with the Masternode Index and today we will launch the rebalancing feature on the index.

Instead of operating the rebalancing monthly, this will be processed weekly! Through our backtest modelling, we found this produced vastly superior results. In the four months covered by our backtests, this increased the BTC value of a portilio by 25% from rebalancing alone. From now on, the index rebalance will happen every Friday.

Updated fee structure As a result of these changes, the fee structure previously advised will be adapted:

  • With MIDAS Lock-in: 0.05% of the value of the portfolio rebalanced per rebalance
  • Without MIDAS Lock-in 0.2% of the value of the porfolio rebalanced per rebalance

NOTE: With the launch of MIDAS Lock-in v2, we are expecting to launch 0% rebalancing options as previously advised, however this will be made available after the launch of Lock-in v2.

Which coins are rebalanced?

If you have coins showing as ‘simulated’ on your Tracker and therefore in the queue for InstantBuy, these coins will not be processed through rebalancing and therefore will not incur the rebalancing fee. Each investor only pays the fee on the coins purchased for their index.

This fee will not be deducted from the rebalance, but deducted weekly from your BTC payout.

Early next week, we will launch an updated Tracker that includes tracking ability for rebalancing. Further news on this will come in an announcement next week.

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