New report from Trevor: Fline 2.0, LTC Interest Rate, Educational Programme and much more

Hey, folks. Trevor is here.

Today I will highlight the biggest successes of Midas in March and give some sneak peaks on what are we working at right now.

My ultimate goal for March was the implementing of the new business methodology called Customer development. In USA it is called User interviewing.

The key concept of this methodology is to interview customers to receive insights, hypotheses and knowledge to build product based on this intel instead of random ideas from our own heads.

In March we interviewed nearly 10 investors and couple of developers. It was really insightful. Not only because this activity allows us to create the right things, but also talking with investors in such way was a pleasure.

If you wish to have a video-call with me or my team to speak about crypto, hit me up on discord or telegram.

Fline bot re-release, LTC interest rate, Midas educational programme

Fline bot re-release

March was an interesting month for Fline.

  1.  Fline bot shorted the big BTC fall, but the API developer of Bitmex made small changes in code without noticing, which disabled the connections. So, we got the signal, but it was not executed. Potentially it could be +30%.
  2. Still in March Fline bot made 22.9% profits on big swings of BTC!
  3. We combined Fline and Midas discords to concentrate our resources in one direction
  4.  The new investment platform was released for Fline. The possibility to invest in bot is now available to anyone right from Midas.Investments platform.
    It lead to over 2 BTC in deposits in a couple of weeks.
  5. New investment instruments are being developed. The BNB and TRX Altcoin algorithms are ready and will be soon announced for API connection for your exchange account.
  6. Currently the bot is in long with 9% unreleased profits without leverage.

LTC 10% Interest rate

Hold LTC on Midas platform and receive 10% annual interest rate! It is really similar to BTC and now we explore more coins like this to add interest rate.

We are paying interest rate by holding coins on various decentralised and cenctralized loaning services.

Midas investor educational programme

I just launched the first educational programme about masternodes, long-term investment, portfolio creation and brain psychology.

There are only 30 spots available and if you want to join, message me in discord. I will give you a full information on how it can benefit in your investment decisions

Contests and lotteries are being launched

Adam is testing some game mechanics to add some spiciness to our discord. We just arranged a random giveaways and soon we will launch the new lottery.

Whole month our development team has been working on the new keeper, which is a part of back-end that connects the platform and coin wallets. Right now we are integrating it with other components of the platform.

It allows Midas to list almost any coin, which takes down the restrictions on scaling Midas.Investments.

We fixed many annoying bugs and added a lot of improvements to exchange, such as:

  • click on order in orderbook to fill the all the spaces in order creation;
  • separated active, filled and canceled orders;
  • restructured the table of order list to fit all information you need about your orders;
  • created “All markets” button to show all orders you have on exchange.

Six awesome coins were listed on exchange and added to InstantBuy!

1. Bulwark
2. Divi (!)
3. LTC (!)
4. Altbet
5. Neutron
6. Smartcash (!)

In April we hope to list same number of coins with the new keeper!

Midas.Investments exchange first step of CMC integration is finished.

Coinmarketcap listing gives us more opportunities to attract projects to the exchange.

New milestone in twitter followers: 4 400!

In March we hardly focused on Twitter growth. It can become one of the biggest channels of new investors, because crypto community is the most active there.

Starting from 1500 followers in the start of March we managed to gather 4 401 followers by the end of the month. It is a huge success for our community.

Telegram burn-out campaign

We bought a few test marketing campaigns in Russian crypto telegram channels for Burn-out. This marketing channel has a huge potential to spread the word about Burn-out and Midas, because telegram is highly used by crypto-enthusiasts.

Based on the results of the marketing campaign we will plan our budgets.

Price increase with a short pull-back

The results of Midas team hard-work during March led to price increase from 5k sats up to 7k in a couple weeks.

It was stimulated by many big purchases both from exchange and InstantBuy. Now the price is holding on the resistance of 6k satoshi with over 1 BTC in buy orders on Midas exchange and 0.6 BTC on Crex and Birake.

What are we working on in April?

  • New share cards
  • New investment instruments based on portfolio creation tools
  • New Midas utilities

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