One month of highest APY on Bitcoin (16%) and Ethereum (11%) on the market for all Midas investors

As a part of our upcoming three-year anniversary celebration, Midas introduces the boosted rewards for BTC and ETH Interest rates.
The highest rewards for BTC – 16% APY.
The highest rewards for ETH – 11% APY.

How can you pay such high yield?
During this bull-run in four months we tested various strategies on trading algorithms, DeFi markets and options, which showed great results. It allowed us to accumulate enough BTC and ETH to pay for both Interest Rates in the following months.

What is going on with Lock-in?
No matter what Lock-in level you have, you will receive the maximum for your BTC and ETH investments. Meanwhile, Lock-in users will receive additional Midas and BTC rewards in the end of the event. It means that Lock-in will generate rewards during this period, and it will be added in the end of the February.

What is going on with YAPs?
Both YAP’s payouts will be recalculated according to the increased APY with the next payout.

How long will it last?
Starting from today and until the end of February. We might continue this event, if we will finish with changing Lock-in value from investors side.

What now?
Follow the announcements for our Three year anniversary to do not miss the amazing news. And make sure to check out our boosted Interest rates.

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