Phore (PHR) replaces TELOS in the Masternode Index

Midas are excited to announce the launch of PHR to MNI in place of the recently delisted TELOS.

Phore (PHR) display the core qualities required for inclusion to MNI – 1) history of developmental progress, 2) long term coin stability and sustained price, 3) professional core team and 4) strong coin economics. As well as this, PHR is one of the top rated coins on Midas and their inclusion to MNI brings greater strength to the long term prospects of the Masternode Index.

How will this impact your portfolio?

We are currently working behind the scenes to complete the integration of PHR to investor’s portfolios.

Any TELOS orders previously filled will no longer be displayed on your MNI Tracker. Instead, the BTC from your TELOS balance will re-enter the queue to purchase PHR. Once PHR has been purchased for your portfolio, it will be confirmed in your MNI Tracker:

If TELOS was not previously purchased in your portfolio, this will simply mean 20% of your deposit is waiting in the queue to purchase PHR.

If TELOS was previously purchased for your index, the BTC value of your TELOS held previously is now waiting in the queue to purchase PHR.

During the next week, we will be updating coin balances on investor portfolios to reflect the change from TELOS to PHR. When balance updates have been completed on your account, we will update the UI on your Tracker to replace any mention of TELOS to PHR. This will signify to each investor that any balance update work has been completed on your portfolio. Your BTC balance will remain stable during this time. The change from TELOS to PHR will not affect your overall BTC balance in any way.

Once the change from TELOS to PHR has been completed for all users, we will announce through #platform-updates.

We welcome PHR to the Masternode Index and expect this to spell an even brighter future for MNI.

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