Platform lags found and taken down (in some sort) and plans for the next week

After two days of hardcoding we found that the part that lead to platform lagging was in transaction history. We took down some types of transaction, they show zero now. But the balances are correct and everything works great on back-end.

This should cover the problem for the weekend. And next week we plan to fix this by re-coding the transaction’s module. Afterwards we will spend a couple days upgrading Burn-out, which includes creating a referral field, where you enter code before activating, and moving burn-out to main Midas share.

It should make the platform smooth and Burn-out easy to use and activate.

Afterwards we will get back to Lock-in and InstantSell. Both of them are 90% ready, but we do not want to make big releases during lags of the platform.

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