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Ever since the launch of our exchange, the Midas team has aggressively pursued new listings, of both well established and new projects with high potential. We conducted an interview with some basic questions with the developer of Quish coin. See the Q&A below: 

Q. What is QTV coin’s primary use case?

A. Its used for IPTV payments

Q. What is the history of the project? How did the idea for the project come about?

A. We have good knowledge about IPTV, The project is fully for IPTV, Internet Protocol television (IPTV ) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. So we have decided to start a Cryptocurrency for IPTV.

Q. What makes QTV coin unique?

A. IPTV, and a masternode coin on TOP 10 exchanges

Q. Why does your project require its own coin?

A. There is no other currencies focussing IPTV

Q. How will using the platform benefit QTV coin holders?

A. We will give Discounts to the QTV Coin Holders for the IPTV Services

Q. Why has QTV chosen Midas for its presale? What about the top exchanges? 

A. We love Midas.

Q. Why should people invest in QTV coins?


    -The highest possible ROI is only at the initial stage of the project.

    -The system of QUISH will contribute to the coin price stability.

    -The project team is open, appropriate and has serious experience to implement the plans. The budget is calculated and well planned.

Q. How do you plan on retaining the value of QTV coins?

A. It have smart reward structure, And with real use cause

Q. What is the biggest weakness of the project?

A. IPTV marketing

Q. What is the biggest strength of the project?

A. More HD channels


IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television.” And it’s true that, to the best of our knowledge, there is at least not another Masternode coin with this as its use case. Instead of requiring a cable box to watch your television shows, your computer acts as the box and all of the data is transferred via the internet rather than a fiber optic cable. It is an easy and affordable way to watch television in HD. 

While IPTV is an interesting and promising use case for a cryptocurrency, it will require a top notch platform to be competitive with popular streaming services. It is good that Quish will give discounts to their coin holders, as pricing will be essential in order to be competitive. 

I agree that marketing will be a weakness for Quish, as indicated by their short responses to our questions. It would benefit Quish to hire a top notch marketer or marketing agency in order to promote their product once it is complete. It would also be a good idea for them to implement some kind of coin burning structure with platform profits in order to maintain coin scarcity and value for their investors. 

Still, there are many ingredients necessary for a crypto to be successful in this market, and a solid use case idea is a good start. Once the platform is complete, if Quish can build a good community size and get the word out through good marketing, the potential for this coin is quite high. Keep in mind that Netflix and Hulu are servicing a massive market, and started off as small caps just like Quish. If Quish coin reached even a small percentage of that market, its value would be through the roof. 

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