Reminder to withdraw ALL funds from Cryptobridge

As you all know, Cryptobridge is closing on 15th December 2019. It is therefore vital for the progression of Midas and ALL OTHER PROJECTS/COINS, that any assets held on Cryptobridge are withdrawn in advance of this date.

Recently, Cryptobridge changed their Terms of Service to display the following information:

2.3.5. After the Services of the Company have been suspended, all funds will be converted into Bitcoin (BTC) over a reasonable period. The Company may also choose to fulfill claims in DKK or EUR if conversion into BTC provides significant difficulties to the Company.

What does this means?

Any coins that have not been withdrawn from Cryptobridge by 15th December 2019 23:59 GMT will change ownership to Cryptobridge and they will sell on the open market to convert all coins to BTC. MIDAS has one of the best price supports on the market, however right now, there is over 10,500 MIDAS held by users on Cryptobridge and would do significant damage to our market if Cryptobridge were able to dump these coins. For coins that do not have such strong support, this will push market value down to zero and suppress the value for masternode coins.

If you did not pass CB KYC, there are reputable users in our community who are willing to help. If you are in this situation, make yourself known on our Discord in this chat.

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