Summary for one of the most intensive week in Midas life

I will make a full report next week hopefully, but just want to summarize all the stuff Midas did during this 5 days. It really amazes me 🙂

Unbelievable Masternode Index release!

In just 2 days we have 1.14 BTC in deposits for this instrument. It is a really astonishing numbers, considering that it is gathered by deposits of 40 investors! Each deposit makes Midas coin stronger too!

In the future we are going to make big marketing campaign and provide an interface for this feature. It was a test launch (which means that most of the work is not automated yet) and it was a success!

The first educational stream of Midas

I love streams, because I can talk with you! It was awesome to share this knowledge with investors and I really hope that some of you find it valuable.

Our marketing analysis showed that YouTube is generating a nice longterm organic traffic, so in the future I plan to create more YouTube videos. You can let me know in dm, what topics do you want me to discuss. Also we plan to make some first steps in YouTube marketing.

The launch of Midas education programme

In this programme I will share my experience on building your crypto-portfolio. There are so many things that went to this course. The ideal result would be the complete long-term portfolio that you know how to manage. To be your own asset manager. You can learn more in the recent announcements or just message me with questions. I offer a full for the programme, if you will not be satisfied.

The launch of BNB/BTC trading bot for API Binance

The forth big thing we did was the release of new investment instrument to our collection. We explore API trading, which does not require your funds to be moved from Binance.

Make sure to check out backtests. It would be a great addition to your portfolio!

The freezes and downtimes for platform are gone

We rebuilt the algorithm of transactions from scratch. It was really outdated and flooded our servers. Now the platform stopped freezing. The load time decreased by a few seconds. It was a great achievement right before the release of those awesome features!

The whole Midas team worked really hard and motivated, like never before! Therefore, I want to thank my team and you, our investor.

We are releasing this stuff for you and continue our work, no matter how good or bad the market is. Thanks, everyone!

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