The first Midas report of 2020: 2-year anniversary, the exchange launch success, rethinking Lock-in and Burn-out, Midas coin makes +18% in one month!

Hey, guys. Trevor is here, the CEO of Midas.Investments.

There were a lack of reports recently due to our long concentrated work on the exchange release. Now we are getting back to the regular weekly report format. This is the first report of Midas.Investments in 2020!

1. The 2-year anniversary of Midas.Investments!

The Midas.Investments was launched two years ago in the end of January. We were a simple shared masternode platform and used google sheets to pay the investors. During this two years we proved ourselves as the leaders in this market. It was a long and hard journey and I am proud that we survived it and managed to grow our community and business!

This Sunday at 7 PM UTC I will host a two hour long stream with some nostalgic retrospective and many-many presents and giveaways!

Make sure to tune in and join this awesome event. The stream will be hosted on our official YouTube channel.

2. The success of Midas exchange launch!

After the launch of exchange in the late December we made a huge progress with the exchange. We completely redesigned it, added all Instant Buy pairs, fixed dozens of bugs.

We listed two coins and three more are coming soon!

We arranged a vote for a free listing, which got a massive success in many discord communities.

Overall, it is a great beginning. Soon we are waiting the listing on coingecko, and then coinmarketcap. It will make our exchange the best in the market of crypto-passive income and will bring thousands of investors to Midas.

2. The exchange and platform updates

We did a lot of work on perfecting the backend of exchange. It involved upgrading the whole database, increasing the amount of servers, changing the order widget. Our development team has a huge backlog of all the features we want to implement.

In the near future we will start working on the market depth and share card upgrade to the exchange needs.

Share card will have a bigger update later this year. Our designer has worked hard to change the share cards to universal state, which allows to add any information and statistics in the card. This is innovative solution that was not seen anywhere before.

Also our CTO was working on implementing trading fees. It is finished on back-end and we are searching for a great design solution to implement it.

3. The design for the new main page has started

While we continued to release new features each month, our design became slightly outdated. We want to start the platform design refreshment with the main page, which does not explain the whole potential of our platform just yet.

The design of the new main page will become the construct on which the rest of design will be build. We already have a cool brand-book and the main page will become the representation of it. The new landing page allows us to have higher conversion rate from visitor to platform users and build the required trust to the coin owners and potential investors.

4. The separation of Burn-out from Lock-in

This week we plan to release the first iteration of changes to Burn-out. We will separate it from Lock-in and make it a separate instrument. It will help with creating marketing channels on top of this feature and bring more investors to Midas and the Burn-out.

During first quarter our team needs to upgrade both Burn-out and Lock-in. Lock-in will have all the features for you to save money. While Burn-out’s features are aimed to make you earn more. This is a great separation of functionality, which is easy to understand for the new investors. It also makes it easier to market our main monetization features.

5. The Midas.Investments blog on the platform

For a long time we wanted to transfer our massively produced content directly to Midas.Investments instead of Medium. It would allow us to keep our investors informed and educated, while not leading them away from the platform.

The more investors know about what is going on with Midas, the higher involvement within the platform.

Finally we found a simple and easy to implement solution, that will help us to make a blog within the platform. So, I hope that by the end of February I will speak with you on our new blog!

6. Midas coin makes 18% during January!

After the release of the exchange Midas coin has shown a stable growth that was supported by InstantBuy purchases. It is a rare thing in masternodes.

Our team managed to create a nice curve-line and gather more than 0,7 BTC in the Buy orders. (You can see only 0,35 of it, since we have a limit on showed orders, but it will be fixed soon)

The buy-side for Midas coin has a huge dominance over sells, which can be seen by comparing orders in both orderbooks. Once we release market depth it will be easier to see.

We will continue the Midas growth by marketing our coin, introducing new features for Lock-in and Burn-out. Since we have a great tool called InstantBuy instead of huge pumps and dumps, Midas build liquidity and support to provide a sustain growth over time!

Soon we are going to limit the amount of coins in InstantBuy until the release of InstantSell, so make sure to analyse the perspectives of our coin and make your move on it!

Now I bid you farewell and will see you on the next week!


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